Kids Deserve It


Tomorrow is the beginning of the new school year! The above photo captures my personal motto for this year. KIDS DESERVE IT!

Deserve what, you ask?!

Kids deserve:

-The very best from me (their teacher).
-To feel safe at school.
-The basic necessities (food, water, etc.)
-To be in an environment with a positive and happy classroom culture.
-Flexible seating that allows them to be comfortable while learning.
-Lessons that are both engaging and top notch for them to learn from.
-To feel important.
-To have a voice in their learning.
-To be in a student-centered environment.
-To be encouraged to grow no matter what level they’re at.
-To feel loved.
-To know that their teacher cares for not just their learning, but them as a whole person.
-Someone who always looks for the best in them.
-Someone who is also tough on them when needed.

This list could go on and on and on and on and on. You get the picture. Kids deserve our best. They don’t always come to us at school from the best environment or the best home life. We spend eight hours a day with these kids and they deserve something really great in their life that they look forward to.

My goal is for my students to wake up each day and say, “I can’t wait to go to Miss Layfield’s class!” Not, “Why do I have to go to school today.”

I am also the tennis coach as I’ve said previously. My motto extends to those kids as well.

My tennis players deserve the best from me as a coach. I look at them like they can succeed in this sport. If they aren’t learning something, I’m not a very good coach. They deserve to have a coach invested in them and who cares about them. They deserve someone who knows the game they want to play and who loves it enough to be just as motivated as they are for this year.

So no matter what kids I interact with throughout the school year, they deserve IT! Hopefully I’ll be something positive in their lives.


-Miss Layfield