More Changes

Since my last post stating that I was looping up to third grade, there are even more changes happening!

This upcoming school year I will be teaching social studies for grades 3-5! I am very excited about the opportunity to grow as an educator. I am mostly excited that I will get to have so many of my former students again.

Of course, I have always taught social studies along with the other subjects that I taught, but I am looking forward to teaching it exclusively. I feel like I will get to do a lot of fun things with my students throughout the year for this subject. I’ve already been brainstorming all sorts of projects and things for us to complete.

I have always loved learning about people, places, history, and our world. I feel like as someone who loves journalism (don’t forget that’s what my degree is in) loving to research things is just in my blood. I can’t wait to share this love with all of my kids.

With this change came a room change too. I will miss my purple classroom so much! I can’t believe how empty it is now. I spent so much time in this classroom and I will forever cherish the memories I made with my students in it.

I got all of my “stuff” moved into my new classroom. It’s crazy how much stuff you accumulate as a teacher. It’s even crazier to realize you bought 95% of it with your own money.

I will post more photos once everything is set up, although I don’t plan on completely unpacking because we will be moving AGAIN in November or December into our new building.

I cannot wait for our new school and new classrooms. I can’t wait to show it off to you once we are moved in there. Our students and all of our future students deserve it so much!

With the uncertainty of how the 2020-2021 school year will go, I am still very much pumped for it!  I am choosing to remain positive and hopeful in spite of everything going on. I hope that we can have kids back in our classrooms safely and soon. Whatever we face, I know without a doubt that teachers will show up and do what’s best for our kids. We always do.

So many new adventures this year!

-Mrs. Kaldahl