I’m Moving Up


I’m so excited to announce I’m looping up to third grade with my class from this year! My teaching partner and I made the decision to move up together and become third grade teachers!

Since I started teaching four and a half years ago, I have only taught second grade. I think I’ve been very good at it and I’ve gotten very comfortable with it…but I am so excited for this change and to shake things up!

I’m so glad I will get my current group of kids for one more year. They truly are an awesome group and with COVID, I was sad I didn’t get to end the year with them at school. I will love having them again. I also feel looping with them will be beneficial because I will know where I left off with them before the school closure and where I need to get them to be at.

I will be teaching ELAR and social studies. These are my favorite subjects to teach. I have been departmentalized in second grade the past two years and I LOVE it. I just really love the ability to hone your skills into the subjects you are most passionate about and to really learn about your subjects. When I taught self contained, I always felt like I was trying too hard to fit everything.

The biggest challenge will be the stress of the test when it gets here. Y’all know what I’m talking about. The state mandated testing….in Texas, it’s the STAAR test. I’ve never taught a STAAR grade before, but I have no doubt that I can handle it.

My classroom currently looks like a hot mess due to switching out materials and curriculum. I’m lucky I get to keep the same classroom and I don’t have to change rooms.

All in all, I’m so excited for this change!!

Third grade here I come!

-Mrs. Kaldahl

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